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CES/APES: The world is connected

February 4, 2010

Energy Experts Say Water Use and Energy Consumption Linked, Urge Conservation

Do you know how much water it takes to light your house? How about the electricity involved in watering your prize-winning tulips? As it turns out, it’s a lot more than you’d think.

Due to expected population growth and urbanization in the United States—especially in drought-prone Western States like Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nevada—two top energy experts at a AAAS discussion urged the federal and local governments to explore new strategies to meet nation’s burgeoning water and electricity needs.

Water and energy resources are inextricably intertwined, the experts said. Electricity generation requires a massive amount of water usage and water delivery requires energy to move into your home, and therefore conservation efforts cannot focus on a single resource.

“Without efforts exploring how we can better use water and electricity . . . business as usual will put us on a collision course with these two natural resources,” said Michael Hightower, Water for Energy project lead at Sandia National Laboratories.

For more information, read the full story.


APES, Week 14: Non-renewable Resources continued

November 9, 2009

This should be an interesting week. We get two days together and you get two days away from me. Whether I’m there or not, the theme of the week is getting it together. One big assignment (Human Demographics) and two small assignments (Personal Water Use and Mining) will be due by the end of the week. I think the best plan of attack is to focus all class time on these three projects so we can come back next week and focus on our last in-class project and our Final PESTLE project .

Monday (9Nov09): a) Partern Up to talk about Human Demographi; b) look at Coal Mining data and continue with mining assignment

Tuesday (10Nov09): Use EIA data to estimate your home’s energy use

Wednesday (11Nov09): Veteran’s Day. No School.

Thursday (12Nov09): Work on Personal Water Budgets/do what you gotta do for specialty or college apps. Turn in Personal Water Budget by end of class.

Friday (13Nov09): Finish Mining and Energy assignment/work on PESTLE ideas/do what you gotta do for specialty or college apps. Turn in Mining and Energy Assignment by the end of the day.

Friday (13Nov09): Last day to complete, send links, or email me your Human Demographics projects. (Happy Birthday, Omar…even if you didn’t take APES.)

apes, week 13: Finish Aquatic Resources, Begin Energy

November 1, 2009

Monday (11/02): Receive Personal Water Use Assignment. (Due 11/10/09)


Tuesday (11/03): Introduction to Non-renewable Resources, Draw PESTLE questions!

Wednesday (11/04): Mining Lab. Show up with an open mind!

Thursday (11/05): Determine Mining Profits (or losses) and begin energy conversion lab.

Thursday (11/05): Ken Miller speaks at UAB Honors House about teaching evolution in America. 7pm, open to the public

Friday (11/06): Look at personal energy use. Determine how much coal your home would burn.