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CES, Week 23: Food, Fuel and Water 1: Agriculture

January 31, 2010

So, when we were winding down last Friday, some of you guys were getting depressed about all these people. I think it’s wise to be a bit depressed, but I also think we should be hopeful. Our species is remarkably resilient. As the next two to three decades unfold we will have to deal with remarkable challenges, but we’ll get through it. If leaders make good decisions, and people make intentional, intelligent choices we can potentially have a healthier planet than we have right now.
This week we’ll begin looking at three of our species’ biggest challenges. How can we feed 6.3 billion people?

Monday (2/1/10): Exploring The Demographic Transition/Introduction to Global Agriculture
Tuesday (2/2/10): Introduction to Global Agriculture (cont)
Wednesday (2/3/10): Pros and Cons of Hi throughput agriculture and agrodiversity
Thursday (2/4/10): Field trip to the gardens (weather permitting)
Friday (2/5/10): What if there isn’t enough food? And one solution…GMOs
Monday (2/8/10): The science behind Genetically Modified Food


APES, Week 15: Short week, loose ends

November 23, 2009

With only 74 minutes of instructional time, Thanksgiving break looming, and 15% of the class out with Wisdom Teeth extractions, there’s not a whole lot we can do. We will, however, be productive and talk a little about agriculture.

Monday (11/23): Finisih up Regional Energy Policy Presentations. Estimate Carbon Footprint of your favorite Thanksgiving food.

Tuesday (11/24): Finish estimates of your favorite Thanksgiving food’s Carbon Footprint.

Weds-Friday (11/25-11/27): Thanksgiving Break.

apes week 15: It’s all about Energy

November 16, 2009

Hey kids, we’re still talking energy, only this time we’ll dive into renewable fuel and your fuel…food. 7 Days of “traditional class”. When we come back from Thanksgiving Break it’s PESTLE time.

Monday (11/16): Finish up non-renewable energy: Natural Gas and Nuclear

Tuesday (11/17): Non-renewable Energy Overview/Regional Energy Plan (groups of 4)

Wednesday (11/18): Regional Energy Plan Research

Thursday (11/19): Regional Energy Plan Research/Turn in Regional Energy Matrix

Friday (11/20): Who wants culture…Agriculture!