PESTLE: Technical/Scientific

Technical and Scientific


v  Fine particulate pollution in Birmingham, Alabama is the most abundant and rampant pollution that needs to be placed under control.

v  Energy efficiency is the most crucial piece to improve the air quality in Birmingham, Al.

v  Transportation is the single largest issue which causes the most pollution

      Key Data/ Key Points

v  Current Air Quality Problems:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency is in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and has established standards for pollution levels in Birmingham.
  • Annual PM 2.5 standard: 15μg/m3

24 hour PM 2.5 standard: 35μg/m3

  • CO2 in abundance; coal burning factories and mines surrounding Birmingham

v  Transportation:

v  Buildings/ Homes:

  • The Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Domino Effect of building usage.
  • The use of more efficient building materials and appliance decrease the particle pollutants due to the lower amount of energy production at a point source.

v  Energy Production:

  • Power providing companies are regulated by rules enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency illustrated in acts such as the Clean Air Act.
  • Alabama power companies specifically can use solar, hydrological, and nuclear power to keep their emissions to a minimum and able to produce power for their consumers.

Submitted by Chloe, D’Andre, Coe ,and Morgan


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