Keystone Youth Policy Summit Info (12Jan10)

2 great opportunities
Keystone Science School’s
Youth Policy Summit

Pick your opportunity
National: June 13-19, 2010
Local: July 25-July 30, 2010
This is not a vacation…
Two research papers
One on a “piece of the puzzle”
One on a “stakeholder”
The ability to work with others under time pressure
The need to articulate your ideas verbally and in writing
The ability to “be present”

National: Keystone Colorado, June 13-June 19, 2010
Energy Innovations

Work with a group of 40 other Consortium Kids on Energy Innovations for America
High Cost, more exotic, more time
Local: Birmingham, Al July 25-30, 2010
Southeastern Water Resources
Work with bright students from all over The metro area
Not as immersive…
What else do I need to know
CO summit research papers in by May 31
AL summit research papers in by June 30
COSTS FOR KEYSTONE: $900 + spending money (see Ms. Chin about scholarships)
COSTS FOR ALABAMA: $100, refundable upon successful completion of summit
Essays due on January, 20, 2010
Can’t do both…

Essay Prompts:
Energy Innovations (Colorado). 1) Where does Alabama get its energy? 2) How feasible are alternative energy sources for Alabama? 3) What are some feasible ways Alabama can decrease its dependency on fossil fuels?

Southeastern Water Resources (Alabama)
Why is it reasonable to call Alabama the Aquatic State? In your opinion, what are the top three challenges to water availability and water quality in the Southeast? What are some feasible solutions for increasing water efficiency? Be sure to describe the “scale” of your proposed solutions.
More Information
Content Questions: See me
Logistic Questions: See Ms. Chin


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