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CES, week 29, Water, water, water…1

March 26, 2010

Monday (3/22/10): Finish Energy Audits, Introduction to Aquatic Resources
Tuesday (3/23/10): Continue with Aquatic Resources, Assign personal water budget assignment
Wednesday (3/24/10): Begin estimating household water use
Thursday (3/25/10): Continue estimating household water use
Friday (3/26/10): Analyze household water use data

Okay, so everything got pushed back b/c of Senior Retreat. We’ll be back up to speed next week.


CES, week 19: Human Population Growth

January 5, 2010

Welcome back, kids. I hope you had a restful break, and I hope you retained some of that good knowledge on the ecology of biomes, ecosystems, communities, and populations. ‘Cause let me tell you something…it is completely neccessary for understanding human population growth, and for understanding how humans use the natural capital available on Earth.

This week will be a quick introduction of the fundamental principles of human population growth, and the basic idea of developed and developing countries. Maybe we’ll get into the sticky topic of “transitional countries”. I know you all will enjoy this unit, and I’m sure it we will have some rich discussions.

Next week you will dive in deeper to human demographics by investigating a developing and developed nation in the same region. This project is similar to your boime project, but it focuses more on how humans use the natural capital, not so much on the natural capital itself. I will tell you more about that project next week.

So, without further ado…welcome to the spring semester

Wednesday (1/6/09): An overview of human uses of natural resources

Thursday (1/7/09): An overview of human population growth (warning…this is a data-heavy presentation).

Friday (1/8/09): Wrap up human population growth and campus recycling

PESTLE Update: The working draft is available

December 11, 2009

D’Andre just emailed me your working draft. It’s contained on the page called, “PESTLE…Round 3” Get some decent work done over the weekend. Remember, everyone has to agree on every word. That is consensus.
You will be back in your sectors on Tuesday. The physical space between everyone will provide a good perspective on the text.
We will clean everything up, and have a quick signing ceremony on Tuesday.

CES, Week 13: More Community Ecology

November 1, 2009

As I said in class, I think Community Ecology is the most complicated aspect of ecology. We bogged down a little with the theatre in-reaches and Halloween focus friday. I want to get back to our usual productive pace this week, analyze our moss data, look at leaf litter insect communities and learn some more of the theoretical aspects of community ecology. Get ready to get back to work.

Monday: Graph Moss community Strucutre, analyze data, answer questions

Tuesday: Finish moss questions if neccesary

Wednesday: Keystone Species and Trophic Cascades, If time succession

Thursday: Leaf Litter Community Diviersity, Using a dichotomous key

Friday: Calculating Shannon-Weiner Diversity Index.