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APES: The Class You Can’t Escape

December 12, 2009

Aditi brought up the Kingston, TN,  coal ash disaster  in class on Friday. I received the following email and Birmingham News report from the Cahaba River Society this afternoon. It seems air quality issues and power generation are tied to water quality and aquatic ecosystems. Who’d a thunk it? Y’all would after a semester of APES. The entire letter can be found on a a page called Kingston Mine. Untagling the connectiong in this article  could serve as another final exam for APES.


apes week 15: It’s all about Energy

November 16, 2009

Hey kids, we’re still talking energy, only this time we’ll dive into renewable fuel and your fuel…food. 7 Days of “traditional class”. When we come back from Thanksgiving Break it’s PESTLE time.

Monday (11/16): Finish up non-renewable energy: Natural Gas and Nuclear

Tuesday (11/17): Non-renewable Energy Overview/Regional Energy Plan (groups of 4)

Wednesday (11/18): Regional Energy Plan Research

Thursday (11/19): Regional Energy Plan Research/Turn in Regional Energy Matrix

Friday (11/20): Who wants culture…Agriculture!