CES: Final Exam, Wednesday, December 16, 10:00am

Man, I hope I have the day and time right. I think I do. Anyway, I know I’ve got the content correct. As I promised, I am giving you an overview of my expectations for the final. The exam will be all graphing, tables and short answer. All your claims should be backed up with accurate evidence. Your reasons should reflect appropriate scientific principles related to population ecology and aquatic ecosystems.

Here’s what the exam looks like:

I. Graphing Data: Use the data you collected on Lemna spp. growth over the last two weeks (and a graphing template on page two) and graph all of the following:..

II. Using Thali as your population indicator calculate the miniumum maximum, and average (mean) growth rate…

III. Claims (back them up with evidence from above)…

IV. REASONS (here’s where you get to tell me what you think, based on scientific principles.)…


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One Response to “CES: Final Exam, Wednesday, December 16, 10:00am”

  1. Anna Says:

    We totally got this. Duckweed for the win.

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