APES: Final PESTLE Project Revealed!

PESTLE Project: APES 2009

Question: How can Metro Birmingham (Jefferson/Shelby County) Alleviate Current Air Quality Problems and stimulate economic growth for the area?


1a) How is Jefferson County and Shelby County government set up?
1b) How has the lack of municipal cooperation lead to current air quality and         economic problems?
2) Is the Alabama Constitution a root cause of current air quality problems or will     anything get accomplished given our current constitution? What about the     current constitution lead to the current county and municipal     governments in     place?

3a) What are the traditional industries in Jefferson/Shelby County?
3b) How have they contributed to the current demographics of the area and     current air quality issues?
4a) What are the current economic engines in Jefferson/Shelby County?
4b)How have they contributed to the current demographics of the area and     current air quality issues?
5) How have other similar sized cities (in the SE) stimulated economic growth,             and decreased pollution?
If they haven’t decreased pollution, then what are their proposed solutions.         What barriers did those cities overcome to increase economic activity?

Follow up 1) Are there any hard numbers on the extrinsic value of smart growth     and open space? (Meaning, have there been any studies to suggest that per     capita income increases and property values increase when smart growth     occurs     and air quality improves?
Follow up 2) Technical/Scientific/Economic: What are the costs of these potential     solutions? Are they worth it?

6) Who, in the greater Metro Area is the most vulnerable to increased air     pollution and decreased economic activity?
7) Smart Growth? What is smart growth? Is it feasible in metro                 Birmingham? Is it Happening already? If so where. Are these smaller movements     scalable to other areas? What are some of the “roadblocks to smart growth?

no number) How should improvements to metro Birmingham infrastructure and     incentives for new businesses and smart growth be paid for? (this should be a     question in the room during the summit, not for research)
no number again) What role do individual consumers and power users play in     “cleaning the air” or decreasing air pollution? (should be in the room)

8) What is Birmingham’s current air quality Problem(s)?
What are the primary pollutants?
What are the causes of the pollution?
9) What are some proposed solutions for cleaning the air in birmingham?
a) Transportation? What role does transportation play in air pollution and                 air quality?
10)    b) Buildings/Homes? What role does increased building efficiency play in             cleaning the air?

11)     d) Energy Production? What is the role/what responsibilities do power             companies and energy resource providers (SONAT, ALAGASCO, Coal             producers) have in maintaining air quality?

12a)What local, state and federal laws are in place to clean decrease pollution?
12b) What local, state and federal laws “incentivise” decreased pollution and     smart     growth?
12c) Are there local ordinances in other cities that have paved the way for     economic growth?
13) What are the environmental consequences of decreased air quality?
What are the effects on our natural capital (forests, surface water,                 agricultural lands)
14) What are the effects of decreased air quality on human health (are there         any numbers on Birmingham residents?)


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