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APES, Week 11: Human Demographics and Water Resources

October 19, 2009

Monday: Developed vs. Undeveloped Countries (work day)

Tuesday: Demographic Transition (caution: may produce queasiness)

Wednesday: Reardon’s overview of Aquatic Resources

Thursday-Friday: Aquatic Resources Case Study: Flow Charts on the floor.

Monday (Oct 26): Finish and present flow charts

Tuesday (Oct 27): Final Exam Assignment, Personal Water Use


APES, Week 10: Human Demographics

October 13, 2009

Welcome to week 10, quarter 2, the next phase in APES. It’s time to turn our attention to our species. We’ll look at Homo sapiens abundance and distribution as well as our interactions with the natural capital that sustains our existence.

Monday-Tuesday: Fall Break

Wednesday: Individual search for a definition of a “developed”, “developing”, and “transitional”
country,  with a definition for each.

Thursday: Human Demographics Intro

Friday: Human Demographics continued, receive assignments.

CES, Week 10: Putting the wraps on Aquatic Ecosystems

October 13, 2009

All good thigns must come to an end. We’ll take our final data on the aquatic ecosystems. Don’t be sad, we’ll take out first data on the soil decomposition chambers, More projects on the way for next week. Keep up the effort level. I am quite pleased with this class.

Monday-Tuesday: Fall Break

Wednesday: Final Data collection on aquatic mesocosms (don’t pour them out)

Thursday: examination of aquatic mesocosm oxygen content

Friday: continue examination of aquatic communities, construction of ecosystem diagrams, and aquatic eltonian pyramids.

APES: Week 9

October 4, 2009

First, check sharepoint. I uploaded the Biodiveristy calcualtions you all made on the four leaf litter communities. The Shannon’s Diversity Idex (DI) numbers look good, but I would double check the values for Diversity (D). They don’t completely make sense to me. Check the formula (in the notes section of your biodiversity assignments).

When you guys get back from your “awkward assembly”, we will be talking about population growth and logistic growth. Ironic, me thinks. This is the last week of straight ecology. Next quarter we will focus on human populations and human interactions with the environment. I can’t wait to see what you all know and see what you learn.

Monday: Awkward Assembly I

Tuesday: Awkward Assembly II

Wednesday: Population Ecology Lab I: Driving Questions, and set up

Thursday: Population Ecology Lab II: Data Collection

Friday: Population Ecology Lab III: Data Analysis. Final Assignment

CES, Week 9: Playin’ In The Dirt

October 4, 2009

I guess I could ask you all point blank, “What do you think of this class?” I’m curious. I am enjoying it. I’m able to try some different teaching strategies and spend time one some fairly straightforward and interesting projects.

This week we’ll continue with ecosystems. Soil will occupy most of our time, but we’ll take one day to get back into our Aquatic mesocosms

Monday: Soil Texture and Soil Porosity. Prepare for Soil Percolation

Tuesday: Soil Percolation, Soil Chemistry

Wednesday: Monitor Aquatic Biomes, Set Up Berlese Funnels on leaf litter

Thursday: Set Up Decomposition Experiments

Friday: Wrap Up Soil Data Collection