CES: Week 6 Schedule

Tiaga, and tundra, and rain forests, oh my!

We’ll wrap up our biome investigations by generating Climographs for all 11 biomes we studied. Remember, I want you to see how the world is stiched together. I realy like this assignment, I hope you guys do too.

By Wednesday, I’ll take the reigns and we’ll start looking at Alabama’s greatest natural resource: aquatic biomes. Did you know that Alabama has more river miles than any other state in the union? Depending on who you ask, we’ve got between 77,000 and 90,000 river miles. I’ll be paddling them soon enuff.

Monday: Climogrpahs based on student data

Tuesday: Questions about biomes and adaptations within biomes

Wednesday: Aquatic Biomes 1

Thursday: Building Aquatic Biomes/Campus recycling

Friday: Aquatic Biome data, day 1.


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