APES: Week 6 Schedule

alright, kids, the week of playing in the dirt is over. Hope you liked it. More importantly, hope you learned something.

Get ready for a week of Reardon lectures. Ecosystems! This is what I came to Alabama for. Oh yeah, Elton, Lindeman, Odum…we’ll look at all their ecosytem models. We’ll get into gross primary productivity and net primary productivity. Given our pace, we may be talking about community ecology before the end of the week. We’ll definitely be sampling the leaf litter for critters. I can’t wait.

Monday: Geology 101a and soil science

Tuuesday: Ecosystems 1: History of ecosystem science

Wednesday: Ecosystems 2: ecosystem models and ecological efficiency

Thursday: Ecosystems 3: Biogeochemistry

Friday: Community Ecology 1


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