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APES: Week 8, Community Ecology Cont.

September 27, 2009

This is the week we’ve been waiting for. We’re off to the Cahaba River for the day. During class we’ll look at a faciinating community that dwells in the leaf litter, the kryptozoa. We’ll use this community to learn how to quantify diversity and calculate a diversity index. This is good stuff.

Monday: Kryptozoa investigation 1: sorting the arthropods

Tuesday: Kyrptoza investigation 2: Identifying the krytptozoa

Wednesday: Cahaba River Field Trip, 9am – 4:35pm

Thursday: Kryptozoa investigation 3: Continue IDing the kryptozoa

Friday: Kryptozoa investigation 4: Calculating diveristy indeces for each habitat.


CES: Week 8

September 27, 2009

This should be an interesting week. We’re still working on ecosystems, but we’ll get into more projects. That seems to work much better than straight lecture material. We’ve spent most of our time with aquatic systems, but now it’s time to move out of the littoral zone and start playing in the dirt.

Monday: Lecture on oligotrophic and eutrophic lakes + Plus stream ecosystems.

Tuesday: Finish Stream ecosystems, begin soil investigation (collect soil, make initial observations)

Wednesday: Aquatic Ecosystem data collection

Thursday: Soil Investigation 2 (soil structure)

Friday: Soil Investigation 3 (soil porosity)

APES: Week 7

September 20, 2009

It’s time to get into what I think are the most difficult aspects of ecology: community interactions. As usual, we start off easy and get increasingly more difficult. If everything works out, we’ll be calculating the community diversity of our leaf litter kryptozoa by next week.

Monday: Community Ecology 1: The Basics

Tuesday: Community Ecology 2: Species’ role in communities

Wednesday: Ecosystem workbooks

Thursday: Community Diversity Lab 1 (practice)

Friday: Ecosystem/Community Ecology FRQ (1o pts)

All week: driving the kyrptozoa from the leaf litter.

CES: Week 7. A long time comin’

September 20, 2009

Due to conditions beyond my control, our investigation of water quality has been delayed until now. We’re only a week behind schedule. I can live with that. This week we’ll get into those biomes some more and find out how the water chemistry is holding up. We’ll also have a more formal discussion of ecosystem principles.

Monday: Aquatic Biome Water Quality

Tuesday: Ecosystem Principles 1: Aquatic Ecosystems and Eltonian Pyramids

Wednesday: Ecosystem diagrams and campus recycling (Reardon out)

Thursday: Ecosystem Principles 2: Odum’s Ecosystem model

Friday: Miller’s versions of Odum’s ecosystem models.

CES: Week 6 Schedule

September 11, 2009

Tiaga, and tundra, and rain forests, oh my!

We’ll wrap up our biome investigations by generating Climographs for all 11 biomes we studied. Remember, I want you to see how the world is stiched together. I realy like this assignment, I hope you guys do too.

By Wednesday, I’ll take the reigns and we’ll start looking at Alabama’s greatest natural resource: aquatic biomes. Did you know that Alabama has more river miles than any other state in the union? Depending on who you ask, we’ve got between 77,000 and 90,000 river miles. I’ll be paddling them soon enuff.

Monday: Climogrpahs based on student data

Tuesday: Questions about biomes and adaptations within biomes

Wednesday: Aquatic Biomes 1

Thursday: Building Aquatic Biomes/Campus recycling

Friday: Aquatic Biome data, day 1.

APES: Week 6 Schedule

September 11, 2009

alright, kids, the week of playing in the dirt is over. Hope you liked it. More importantly, hope you learned something.

Get ready for a week of Reardon lectures. Ecosystems! This is what I came to Alabama for. Oh yeah, Elton, Lindeman, Odum…we’ll look at all their ecosytem models. We’ll get into gross primary productivity and net primary productivity. Given our pace, we may be talking about community ecology before the end of the week. We’ll definitely be sampling the leaf litter for critters. I can’t wait.

Monday: Geology 101a and soil science

Tuuesday: Ecosystems 1: History of ecosystem science

Wednesday: Ecosystems 2: ecosystem models and ecological efficiency

Thursday: Ecosystems 3: Biogeochemistry

Friday: Community Ecology 1

APES: Week 5 Schedule

September 8, 2009

Monday: Labor Day, on the Ocoee River (y’all should have been there)

Tuesday: Soil Lab 1: Qualitative and Quantitative soil characterizations

Wednesday: Soil Lab 2: Soil Chemistry, Soil percolation rate

Thursday: Finish Soil Lab, collect data; Intro to soil and geology

Friday: Finish Thursday talk, introduction to Ecosystem processes

(next week: decomposition studies, and landfill research, Dallas/Perry Co. research)

CES: Week 5 Schedule

September 8, 2009

This week we will finish our terrestrial biome presentations, start “long-term” ecosystem observation, and begin talking about aquatic biomes.

Monday: Labor Day, on the Ocoee River

Tuesday: Biome Presentations, con’t

Wednesday: Biome Presentations, finish

Thursday: Collaborative Group Climagraph, everyone will turn one in.

Friday: Introduction to Aquatic Biomes