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APES: Week 4 Schedule

August 30, 2009

This week we will continue our overview of big earth systems (air, soil and water)  and start looking at soil more closely. It will be a week of talking, but next week and the week after will be a week of doing.

Monday: Streams and Wetlands Overview

Tuesday: Marine Biomes

Wednesday: Geology 101 and basic soil science

Thursday: Begin Soil Lab, collect, do qualitative analysis, set up quantitative analysis, and allow surplus soil to dry out

Friday: Continue Soil Lab: Porosity, percolation rate, pH and conductivity


CES: Week 4 Schedule

August 30, 2009

Monday: Biome Research

Tuesday: Biome Research, begin putting presentation together

Wednesday: Final prep on Biome presentation (ask me for help if you need it)

Thursday: Biome Presentations, Part I

Friday: Biome Presentations, Part II

Air Quality Assignment 1

August 25, 2009

Check out the share point/APES lab Manual for a digital copy of our air pollution study. My plan is to teach air quality from the inside out. What the plan? Collect the data; analyze the particles; discuss how weather, climate, topography, point source and non-point source pollution affect air quality; then postulate how air quality affects our local economy and how environmental laws are enacted to protect Birmingham and surrounding county citizens.

Two links to use:


Jefferson County Department of Health

APES: Week 3 Schedule

August 23, 2009

Monday: Set Up Birmingham Air Quality Study and begin data collection

Tuesday: Retrieve Air Quality samplers and begin data collection.

Wednesday: Continue Data Collection, and begin Aquatic Biomes

Thursday: Continue Aquatic Biomes

Friday: Turn in Air Quality Analysis, finish Aquatic Biomes.

Friday: continue aquatic biomes, Air Qualtiy Analysis will be due Monday

Saturday: Impromtu Field trip to Cahaba River, meet at Home Depot on 280 at 8am

CES: Week 3 Schedule

August 23, 2009

Monday: Introduction to Biomes and Climagraphs, opportunity to measure microclimate changes over a 24 hour period.

Tuesday: Set up Microclimate studies and begin Biome assignments

Wednesday: Collect microclimate data, and analyze data

Thursday: Report on microclimates, continue on Biome Assignments

Friday: Continue working on Biome Assignments, Discuss Environmental Stewardship Project

APES Week 2

August 19, 2009

Monday: Quick look at 48 hour weather data. Explain climate models and global climate patterns.

Tuesday: A closer look at global climate and biomes

Wednesday: Continue with regional climate and begin Big system 1: Air. Atmosphere.

Thursday: Set up Air Pollution Experiment

Friday: Collect Air Pollution data.

CES Week 2

August 19, 2009

Monday: Scientific Inquiry Continued, Experimental Design

Tuesday: Scientific Inquiry Wrap Up, data analysis

Wednesday: Natural Capital and sustainability

Thursday: Climate on three scales: global, regional, micro

Friday: Investigating microclimates

APES Week 1

August 19, 2009

Monday: Quick Introductions (that first day of school assembly threw me off)

Tuesday: The PESTLE Approach to Environmental Issues

Wednesday: Natural Capital and Sustainability

Thursday: Discrete Data Collection and investigating microclimate

Friday: Quick analysis of data and set up 48 hour weather data collection

CES Week 1

August 19, 2009

Monday: Introductions

Tuesday: Finish Introductions, begin discussing what we know.

Wednesday: The known knowns, the known unknowns, and the nature of science

Thursday: Paper Airplane Science…just what is an independent variable

Friday: Scientific Inquiry enhanced with technology. Recording body temperature.